Black Friday 2022 deals

Black Friday 2022 deals :
up to 40% off on a large collection of luxury bags and accessories
+ a 150 € (approximately $155) gift card.
Our luxury bags and clutches with black friday deals
Our Haute Couture belts with black friday deals

Order one of the many models of bags with an exceptional discount during the week of black friday 2022.

Once your order is placed and validated, you will receive by mail your special black black friday 2022 gift card worth 150 euros (approximately $155).

This black friday 2022 gift card is valid until 31/12/2022.

This black friday 2022 gift is valid on the whole Julien Fournié’s store from 500 euros of purchase. So, for example, for an order of 600 euros you will only pay 450 euros, which is an additional discount of 25%.

And you will receive as many black friday 2022 gift cards as you order items benefiting from a special offer during this exceptional week!

To know : This black friday 2022 gift card is not nominative, you can pass it on to one of your relatives, if you wish.

If you have any question about our black friday 2022 offer, feel free to contact us by chat, by mail or via our customer service.

And always during the black friday 2022 sales :

The advantages of the Julien Fournié Boutique
  • free delivery worldwide (in two working days in France, in four working days for frequent destinations, for all orders placed before 9am [Paris time]).
  • the art of packaging: your bag will be delivered in a lacquered box with precious attention.
  • secure payment
  • return and exchange
  • a question? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department who will be happy to provide you with all the details.
luxury handbags
luxury bags
Creatures Midnight Escapade sac de luxe capri 2 all
luxury handbags
luxury bags
black friday
haute couture belt
black friday 2022 deals
julien fournié haute couture

Founded in 2009 by the couturier Julien Fournié, Julien Fournié Haute Couture House has become a “guest member” in the official calendar of Haute Couture runway shows in 2011. This marked a first step in aknowledging Julien Fournié as a promising new brand in the circle of grand couturiers. With this new title, Julien Fournié has put on the runway for the first time in the history of Haute Couture, a collection only worn by black models.

In January 2017, the Julien Fournié House was officially classified as “Haute Couture”. The Haute Couture label, protected by the French Ministry of Industry, is given to a few houses (only sixteen prestigious names on this list today) which are combining the best of creativity in design and the utmost quality in garment making.

While respecting the tradition of Haute Couture, Julien Fournié has also forged new partnerships with high-tech giants such as Dassault Systèmes Apple and Tencent.

Julien Fournié was thus able to digitize the creation, design and personalization of his Haute Couture pieces. He is one of the rare designers of Haute Couture to master the new digital tools. Julien Fournié has introduced a new process in which clients are not just spectators of the creative process. They have become actors in the unique experience of creating a Haute Couture garment wherever they are.

Since December 2020, Julien Fournié has been developing a line of luxury bags and accessories. At first, the idea was to offer handbags seen in Julien Fournié Haute Couture shows and reserved, until then, for Haute Couture clients.

Since then, Julien Fournié has created new bags ranging from evening clutches to tote bags and handbags becoming one of the most exclusive luxury handbags brands.

These designer bags are made in the purest respect of artisanal traditions.

For the moment, these new luxury bags are exclusively available on the online boutique of the House.

In 2022, Julien Fournié has launched few pieces of jewelry sold on his online store.

black friday 2022

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