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Haute Couture Meaning and definition

A unique piece in its style, designed and made to measure for one specific client.

A garment designed in Paris by a renowned couturier who runs one of the fashion houses that has been granted the official Haute Couture label.

An Haute Couture piece must be 100% created in the workshops of the couturier’s own fashion house (there are currently only 16). This production is done with the assistance of technical staff members, ‘les petit mains’, with specific skills and know-how (weavers, feather workers, embroiderers, etc).


Haute Couture outfit can either be a unique copy of a model from the collection presented in a fashion show every six months. This unique copy is adapted to the measurements and personality of a client. This is also a specific creation of a piece on special order.

Some have declared that Haute Couture is pending imminent death. Nevertheless, beyond serving as a springboard for perfume or cosmetics brands, Haute Couture has stood its ground for the last thirty years.

More promising still, over the past ten years, Haute Couture has been regaining ground, undoubtedly ushering in a new era. Haute Couture will be able to regain leadership in the fashion industry.

The unprecedented growth experienced, particularly over the past 10 years, is due in large to the increase in ultra-luxury clientele.


Haute Couture meaning also represents an important value in luxury goods which is rising in public opinion: authenticity.

For a century and a half, Haute Couture has been cultivating authenticity and “savoir faire” both in its creativity and in its productioIts unique models, created with the help of the world’s finest fashion craftspeople, symbolize not only the ultimate in elegance.

Haute Couture meaning is also the timelessness of a style designed specifically for a unique client. This is so different from the endless successive trends that push clients to buy more.

Haute Couture nurtures the incredible artisans of luxury. It defends the authenticity of its creative approach. It is re-establishing solid values in the world of fashion (quality work, longevity, elegance, discretion, technical innovation).

Haute Couture Pollutes little

Haute Couture favours neither false pretences (the fame of Instagram’s starlets or successful singers often considered vulgar by ultra-luxury clients), nor waste. This is unlike so many companies which destroy unsold items left over in their multiple points of sale due to their ‘no sales or mark downs’ marketing strategies.

Haute Couture has no stock as it only produces on demand.

Haute Couture does not destroy. Haute Couture pollutes little.

Haute Couture preserves and grows the tradition of handmade luxury by combining tradition and innovation.

Jean Paul Cauvin, Chief Executive Officer of Julien Fournié SAS

haute couture
haute couture
Julien Fournie Premier Crime 13

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