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luxury bags The Freddy Haute Couture Bag was unveiled during the runway show for the latest First Vamps Haute Couture collection. This luxury bag is hand-embroidered in 3D with a claw designed by Julien Fournié. This timeless luxury bag is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. The quality of the leather and the meticulous finish make it a high-quality fashion accessory. This handbag is an elegant and creative choice for the sophisticated modern woman.

“Premier Handbag is a grained leather bag, our great classic still embellished with its gunmetal-colored latch and shock-absorbing piercings, but this time playing with the 3D trompe-l’œil of bloody lacerations.

Faceted pearls, gradient sequins, crystals and metallic blades, this Haute Couture embroidery drips like hemoglobin.

This bag bears the scars of a Freddy nightmare, the man with razor-harnessed hands from Wes Creven’s film.

His films have always been marvels of innovative ideas, and a never-ending source of inspiration ever since I was a child.”

Julien Fournié

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Luxury Bags : the Freddy

This luxury bag is made of leather and powder grain.

The flap is hand-embroidered from a design by Julien Fournié.

This embroidered bag was presented at the First Vamps Haute Couture fashion show.

The 3D embroidery features faceted pearls, gradient sequins, crystals and metallic blades.

The chain (length 121 cm) and metalwork are in “canon de fusil” color.

The chain is adjustable and removable, transforming this luxury bag into a luxury clutch.

The interior of this handbag is in leather, with a double gusseted inside pocket and a zipped inside pocket.

The interior of this luxury bag is lined in black faille.

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haute couture
The Premier Handbag created by Julien Fournié

Every season, Julien Fournié creates new versions of his Premier handbag.

The designer offers a few unique examples of this luxury handbag. These objects are made in the purest respect of craft traditions. They are made in one or two copies only.

Until recently, these precious bags were reserved for Haute Couture clients. They could be purchased with the outfit they complemented.

Premiers bags are now available for those looking to complement their wardrobe with these handmade accessories, Julien Fournié becomming one of most exclusive luxury bag brands.

Julien Fournié’s bags are exclusively available for purchase through his official website.


“I wanted to allow women who don’t have access to the Haute Couture wardrobe to be able to purchase the accessories I design.

Julien Fournié

This luxury handbag is adorned with rigorously selected precious materials.


Discreetly stamped with the House’s logo, this luxury handbag is  real adornment designed for women who seek elegance and authenticity.

“Around two inside pockets closed by a flap, this accessory of reasonable dimensions can contain the essential of the precious weapons which the woman needs close to her in an object which quickly becomes a talisman for the one who adopts it “.

Julien Fournié
One of iconic luxury bags

The Premier bag is Julien Fournié’s iconic luxury handbag, although other models such as the Venus bag and the Pluton clutch have since been added to the Julien Fournié range of accessories. This luxury bag, like each version of the Premier Bag, is made in a few copies, for women who want to own a unique accessory, which has almost no chance of being found on another, like a Haute Couture dress created by Julien Fournié for a particular client.

Careful manufacturing for each handbag

These haute coutre bags are crafted in the purest respect of artisanal traditions. This bag is handmade and Julien Fournié ensures that his quality requirements are scrupulously respected at every stage of production.

shoulder bag and Cross Body Bag

Julien Fournié favors local suppliers. It selects natural, biodegradable and precious materials whose origin is rigorously controlled. This luxury bag is versatile. This luxury bag can be transformed into an even.

About Julien Fournié Bags

Julien Fournié, primarily known for his work in haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion, has extended his creativity into accessories, including bags. While he may not be as widely recognized for his bags as some dedicated handbag designers, Julien Fournié’s bags often reflect his unique and artistic approach to fashion. Here are some key points about Julien Fournié’s bags:

Julien Fournié’s bags are known for their artistic and innovative designs. He often incorporates elements of haute couture into his bag collections, resulting in unique and eye-catching pieces.

Fournié’s bags are often produced in limited quantities, aligning with the exclusivity and craftsmanship associated with haute couture fashion.

The materials used in Julien Fournié’s bag collections can vary, but they are typically of high quality. Leather, suede, and other premium materials are often used to create his bags.

Just like his clothing collections, Fournié’s bags are typically handcrafted with attention to detail. This craftsmanship adds to the overall quality and uniqueness of the bags.

Fournié draws inspiration from a variety of sources, and this is often reflected in his bag designs. They can be influenced by art, culture, history, and his own artistic vision.

While not all of his bags are considered haute couture, they may carry the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is characteristic of his clothing designs.

Some of his bag collections may be showcased during his runway shows, especially if they are meant to complement his clothing collections.