How is a Haute Couture dress made?

The term “Haute Couture” is often used inaccurately. It’s more than just luxury fashion. How is a Haute Couture dress made? Here are the manufacturing secrets of these exceptional objects that combine the tradition of handcraft and new aesthetic and creative vision.

Unlike a ready-to-wear dress – even a luxury one – the elaboration of a Haute Couture dress follows a very particular path.

A dress always designed for a woman or a moment

haute couture dress

The client may desire a dress that has been unveiled during the presentations of the Haute Couture collections.

These presentations are held twice a year: at the end of January, for the spring-summer season, and in early July, for the fall-winter season.

haute couture dress

Once the model has been chosen for the fashion show, Julien Fournié accompanies his client in any styling changes to the model she has selected.

The dress thus adapts perfectly to its morphology and its desires.

It can be, for example, the change of a sleeve, or the transformation of a neckline, the addition of a drape …

A dress presented during the collections can also be used as a basis for the construction of a new model of which for example, the fabric or its color will have been changed, a new element of embroidery added, certain parts modified…

wedding dress

Julien Fournié also creates ex nihilo dresses for events: wedding dresses, evening dresses, show dresses or sets imagined for a particular moment.

Even men can benefit from this creative process for a costume, a formal wear.

The customer will choose not only the shape of his outfit, but also the fabric – a specific fabric can even be specially made to realize the model -, the pattern of embroidery, if the model includes some, or imagine a new volume…

sketch of a Haute Couture gown

With the customer, Julien Fournié will define with the type of dress of which she dreams. He will submit to her several sketches which will allow her to fix her choice.

Each client develops a special relationship with Julien Fournié who, thanks to new technologies, has been able to establish an interactive and exclusive communication with them.

It is no longer a matter of sending Haute Couture lovers a sketch that they may or may not approve of as in the past. Julien Fournié can, even from a distance, dialogue with them as the design of the dress develops.

How is a Haute Couture dress made ? A workshop work

audrey fleurot

How is a Haute Couture dress made once the model is chosen?

Whether they are dresses from fashion shows or created ex nihilo, Haute Couture dresses are unique pieces.

They are made to measure, in the Parisian Atelier of the Haute Couture House – this is one of the conditions to have the Haute Couture label awarded by the french Ministry of Industry -, in the respect of the Haute Couture tradition, but also with character and a little magic…

How is a Haute Couture dress made?

As soon as the measurements of the customer are taken, the Workshops will elaborate what is called a canvas. Cut in a white cotton fabric to appreciate the volumes and the vestibility.

Once the fabric is validated by the customer, the workshops can then begin the assembly of the dress in the final materials. The House can also call upon art craftsmen who will carry out embroidery, finishing, feathering…

Several fittings may then be necessary during the construction of the dress.

These fittings are like a privileged and confidential parenthesis between the great couturier and his client. They are unique and require several meetings to perfectly adapt to the requirements and dreams of each client.

The differences with luxury fashion

haute couture dress

The models imagined by Julien Fournié are created only in one copy.

This is the essence of Haute Couture. This is what makes it special compared to luxury ready-to-wear brands that produce their products in very large quantities.

An artisanal process that is good for the planet, because not only does Haute Couture work only with excellent materials – those used by Julien Fournié are mostly of natural origin and always respect the REACH regulation -, Haute Couture pollutes little, because it does not make any set that would not have been sold. ritch standard

An activity at the opposite end of the spectrum from overconsumption, fast fashion and the luxury industry.

Finally, Haute Couture offers exceptional quality, guaranteeing optimal durability and traceability of materials.

A unique dress, for a unique woman, for a unique moment.

haute couture

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