Bridal hairstyles… the most beautiful and inspiring ideas for spring 2023

bridal hairstyles
Wavy hairstyles for 2023 brides
Bridal hairstyles at Julien Fournié Haute Couture

Whether the hair is long or medium-length, the wavy hairstyle is always a must-have for brides for several reasons, including its versatility as it goes with any dress and works effortlessly for all kinds of parties, from the simple to the extravagant and elaborate.

We saw plenty of examples of bridal hairstyles on the Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture show, from the bohemian-chic waves that Julien Fournié had her wear with a 1920s-style headband (a theme guests can also use at outdoor parties), to the most structured hairstyle.

To balance the fluid movement of the locks, a shiny effect on the sides of the face is a smart move to keep the style longer and increase its visible volume.

bridal hairstyles
An example of Bridal hairstyles at Julien Fournié Haute Couture

تسريحات الشعر المموجة لعرائس 2023

سواء كان الشعر طويلاً أو متوسط الطول، لا تزال التسريحة المموجة ضرورية للعرائس لعدة أسباب، منها تعددية استعمالاتها إذ أنها تتماشى مع أي فستان وتنسجم بسهولة مع كل أنواع الحفلات، من أبسطها إلى أكثرها فخامة وتفصيلاً. وقد رأينا العديد من الأمثلة على منصات عروض الأزياء الفاخرة لربيع وصيف 2023، من التموجات البوهيمية الأنيقة التي تألّقت بها عارضات المصمم “جوليان فورنييه” مع عصابة رأس على طراز العشرينيات تزيّن الجبين (وهي فكرة يستطيع استخدامها أيضاً الضيوف في حفلات الهواء الطلق)، وصولاً إلى أكثر التسريحات هيكلية في عرض “رامي العلي”. لموازنة الحركة المنسابة للخصلات، يبدو التأثير اللامع على جانبي الوجه خطوة ذكية للحفاظ على التسريحة لوقت أطول وتعزيز حجمها المرئي.

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Founded in 2009, Julien Fournié creates custom-made haute couture garments for its clients.

With over twenty collections, Julien Fournié has created a recognizable and well-known style. He creates Haute Couture wedding dresses, Haute Couture evening dresses, Haute Couture tuxedo, Haute Couture ceremony dresses, Haute Couture gown… He is able to cater to this particularly demanding clientele in terms of creativity, quality and service to create Haute Couture outfits.

Julien Fournié’s creations are intended for a very high-end clientele. Theses clients seek the uniqueness of the garment. They want a personalized service and a privileged relationship with the couturier. 

Julien Fournié has become a “guest member” in the official calendar of Haute Couture runway shows in 2011. This marked a first step in aknowledging Julien Fournié as a promising new brand in the circle of grand couturiers.

Since January 2017, following the sponsorship of the Chambre Syndicale, the French Ministry of Industry has granted Julien Fournié the Haute Couture label. This means that the Julien Fournié fashion house has joined an exclusive club of only sixteen names in the ultra-luxury world.

While respecting the tradition of Haute Couture, Julien Fournié has also forged new partnerships with high-tech giants such as Dassault Systèmes Apple and Tencent.

Julien Fournié was thus able to digitize the creation, design and personalization of his dresses. He is one of the rare designers of Haute Couture to master the new digital tools. Julien Fournié has introduced a new process in which clients are not just spectators of the creative process. They have become actors in the unique experience of creating a garment wherever they are.

Since December 2020, Julien Fournié has been developing a line of luxury bags and accessories. At first, the idea was to offer handbags seen in Julien Fournié Haute Couture shows and reserved, until then, for Haute Couture clients.

Since then, Julien Fournié has created new luxury bags ranging from evening clutches to tote bags and handbags becoming one of the most exclusive luxury handbags brands.

These designer bags are made in the purest respect of artisanal traditions.

For the time being, these new luxury bags, Monogrammed bags and totes, clutches are exclusively available on the online boutique of the House.

In 2022, Julien Fournié has launched few pieces of jewelry sold on his online store.