Two Glamorous looks from the First Love Haute Couture collection sold in the PUBG Mobile video game

Welcome to the world of First Love. New concrete realization of the collaboration PUBG MOBILE X Julien Fournié, the players of the famous video game can buy looks created by the great fashion designer.

The last two silhouettes – very real -, which appeared at the end of the presentation film of the Haute Couture collection, were first imagined by Julien Fournié for the virtual universe of the avatars of the video game PUBG MOBILE.

video game haute couture
The two real-life looks from the Haute Couture collection sold in the PUBG MOBILE game.
For a limited time in the video game

These two looks are available to players of the video game PUBG MOBILE for a limited time.

The first silhouette is composed of a jacket-armor with a luminescent heart, Julien Fournié’s signature beard mask, lurex pants and a multitude of accessories: helmets, rangers glitters, metallic gloves with claws…

The second silhouette is made up of a sequined anatomical body, a mini skirt with ruffles and its waistband, the mask-signature woman with fuchsia feathers, as well as many accessories: jewels, bracelets, necklaces and gri-gri.

“It’s glamorous, powerful and colorful. Having fun in a battle royal in Haute Couture is now possible. Everyone can finally find their legend.”

Julien Fournié