Scarlet Witch… from the shadows to the light

haute couture secrets
How was it imagined and designed? What materials are used to make it? How long dit it takes to make? How was the top model chosen to wear it during the fashion show? Haute Couture outfit’s secrets.
Chapter 5

Haute Couture outfit’s secrets : Scarlet Witch the look 10 from First Creatures

Everyone knows my passion for superheroes and Disney Avengers
In the First Creatures collection, I wanted to find the essence of a character that could have come straight out of my First Spell collection, but with a more futuristic Matrix-like style…

Scarlet Witch is simply the character that best reflects the team of superheroines I wanted on my runway, especially considering that I only wanted one red silhouette.

haute couture illustration
Illustration by Julien Fournié on ipadpro
Emblematic character

A bio point: Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff, wasn’t always in the spotlight. She starts her career as a supervillain, with her father Magneto, and finally ends up alongside the Advengers. She is a magician who transmutes matter, she has the power of life and death. She directs thought and can distort reality and control the elements. She is one of the most emblematic characters created by Stan Lee.

Red is only interesting to me if it is embodied and has a specific place in a collection. It’s not one of my favorite colors. It took four months for Sfate & Combier to make the exact shade I had imagined in a very innovative material: a Stretch silk called “Baie des anges.”

I saw the silhouette arriving like a redemptive fury, bearing the stigmata of a battle for humanity, embroidered, bloody, crystallized, stealthy in “jeggings” (a legging skirt) with a mysterious cape coat.

scarlet witch
Scarlet Witch dress detail

The embroidery on illusion tulle is in matte red sequins, enhanced with scarlet crystal beads. More than two hundred bangs have been added. They are composed of more than two thousand pearls degraded, which gives it this depth of red. “Baie des anges”, powdered and stretch, is an ideal material to mold the body of the model and reveals exactly the colors chosen. It will become a staple in my home, but in other colors. “It works divinely well,” exclaim the workshops, a treasure of technicality.

Katya Estratova of Studio Paris has the energy and enthusiasm to play this character.

scarlet witch
Photo Ludmila Ljubic

Jack, from Neville, simply pulled her hair into a high ponytail, a replica of the sketch I sent her, which gave Nicolas the opportunity to pull up her eyebrows and make her eyebrows very strong, to highlight her jade eyes in black. “The mouth will have exactly the shade of the dress, it will be saturated with mother-of-pearl,” Nicolas emphasizes.

Explosive, she delighted those who attended the show.

Photos : Delphine Royer

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