Nausicaa, Captain Harlock’s hidden love

haute couture secrets
Chapter 8

Haute Couture outfit’s secrets : the Haute Couture jacket of Nausicaa, Captain Harlock’s hidden love

Si In Kim landed one morning in our workshop from outer space. This tall doll of one meter eighty, straight from Korea, came directly from a manga that a whole generation knew well: Captain Harlock.

Her long blond-platinum hair, her slender figure, her masculine allure were the quintessence of Nausicaa, Captain Harlock’s hidden love.


“Quick Jacqueline, bring me the gunmetal lurex jacquard with a midnight blue silk bourrette effect that Sfate et Combier has developed exclusively for us.

A trompe-l’oeil jacket

We are going to create a trompe-l’oeil jacket, with a manta ray cut. It will have an angled tailor sleeve and abyssal cut Basques. We’re going to inlay a satin leather collar with a matte finish to emphasize the cut-out.

Jacqueline then asks me, “How do you close it?

To have such a legible line, we couldn’t use a front-middle closure.

“We’ll use a middle-back zipper,” I answer.

Julien Fournié
Si In Kim and Julien Fournié backstage before the fashion show of the Haute Couture collection First Creatures (Photo Brioda Savi).

Jacqueline writes “but it’s not a jacket anymore!

“Dear Jacqueline, I remind you that Haute Couture is the art of transforming, creating and inventing, it will be a mutant jacket, innovative, like the entire collection.

It will be enough thereafter to sheath the legs of this Sylvidre in a cigarette pants with black sequins.

Mini gloves in perforated leather will bring a rock side.

Arcadia, the new Premier handbag

It is on this look that I want to launch the new Premier bag in grained calf, entirely studded, that I named Arcadia which is none other than the name of Captain Harlock’s ship.

Nicolas just had to add a starlight on his forehead to give it all its splendor.

Si In Kim in backstage (Photo Brioda Savi)

As for Jack, all he had to do was smooth out his gorgeous platinum mane.


She was my childhood memories, my obsessions and my scares from back then.
Her nonchalance and lost look fascinated the audience, she was no longer a model, she was a character from Leiji Matsumoto‘s imagination.


Photos : Delphine Royer

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