“Laser” game changer

haute couture secrets
How was it imagined and designed? What materials are used to make it? How long dit it takes to make? How was the top model chosen to wear it during the fashion show? Haute Couture outfit’s secrets.
Chapter 2

Haute Couture outfit’s secrets: the 14 looks of First Creatures

I’ve been fantasizing about Captain Marvel for a very long time, this superheroine with super powers from the infinite.
It all started with a click of the fabric.

When Emmanuelle Canot, from Sfate & Combier, presented me with a preview of a new technical weaving called “laser game”, everything changed in my head. For the first time, traditional weavers from Lyon, partners of the Maison Julien Fournié, were projecting their materials into the future.

This weaving mixes six different shades of lurex on a silk base, which gives this material the glitter of stars and the transformation of colors visible on beetle wings. This light, multiverse, and changing weave is not an embroidery. “It’s a game changer.

haute couture secrets
Drawing made by Julien Fournié of the Haute Couture dress

Very quickly, the simplicity of the line of the dress imposed itself. It was the material that I had to put forward. I wanted to create a visual shock as if a black hole had absorbed all the light, so I decided to combine another fabric on this dress: a deep black silk and viscose jersey, with a “manta ray” cut.

Ray of light

Finally, this dress is just a ray of light, emphasizing the feminine curves. An illusion tulle neckline, a nod to the Star Trek star, and everything is said. The mittens sleeves lengthen the line even more. As for the Aeolus train, it’s like a beacon chasing the silhouette.

It takes two months of high-precision weaving on Sfate & Combier machines to create a lurex jacquard. The workshop in agitation, in front of such a fabric, did a remarkable job to assemble a dry and shiny material with a soft and easily deformable jersey.

It is Madame Jacqueline, the first of the Atelier, who finds the solution for the fabrication of the mystery neckline I was dreaming of. During a peregrination, I stumbled upon a vintage stock of crystals exactly in the colors of the “laser game”. I couldn’t help but use them to highlight the shine of the neckline.

Electric and nonchalant

A flash of inspiration! It could not have been Sally Diagne. Tall, athletic, shouldered, always focused, this young woman is perfect to perform on the podium, with her electric and nonchalant attitude of her generation.

Hello Nicolas? What are we doing with this crazy fabric? He answers me, as usual, with a lot of mystery, let me do it. Mister Mystery is going to concoct for me exactly the light of the dress in a new texture for Sally’s mouth.

It only took one word spoken to Jack from the Neville salon to know Alien. This English genius in his creative effervescence, while my phone cut every five minutes, threw me: Prometeus beep, Godess of Egypt beep, Tentacles beep, and futurism beep. A sublime hair sculpture

secrets haute couture
A detail of the dress during the Haute Couture show of the First Creatures collection

On D-Day, ready to go on the catwalk, Sally impresses me and her black shaded eyes remind me of her benevolence and determination. She is ready.

Photos : Delphine Royer

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