Indiana Haute Couture Belt


Haute Couture belt in metallic bronze patent leather with removable asymmetrical clutch bag, set on a nude tone-on-tone overstitched collar, with a bright lacquered edge finish.

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Julien Fournié Haute Couture Belt
Haute Couture belt in metallic bronze patent leather with removable asymmetrical pouch bag, set on a nude tone-on-tone overstitched collar, with a bright lacquered edge finish. Pressure, snap and buckle in anodized metal green gray. Removable genet viscose trimmings. Size from 65 cm to 67 cm. Handmade in one piece only.

Founded in 2009 by fashion designer Julien Fournié, Maison de Haute Couture Julien Fournié became a guest member of the official Haute Couture catwalk calendar in 2011.

In January 2017, the Julien Fournié house was officially classified as “Haute Couture”.

The Haute Couture label, protected by the French Ministry of Industry, is awarded to a handful of houses (sixteen prestigious names on this list today) that combine the best of design creativity with the highest quality tailoring.

While respecting the Haute Couture tradition, Julien Fournié has also forged new partnerships with high-tech giants such as Dassault Systèmes, Apple and Tencent. Julien Fournié has thus been able to digitize the creation, design and personalization of his Haute Couture pieces. He is one of the few Haute Couture designers to master the new digital tools.

On April 23, the first retrospective showcasing some twenty of Julien Fournié’s emblematic dresses was organized at SCAD Lacoste, and the exhibition was extended twice due to its success.


Since December 2020, Julien Fournié has been developing a line of luxury bags and accessories. Originally, the idea was to offer handbags seen on Julien Fournié’s Haute Couture runway shows and reserved, until then, for Haute Couture clients.

Since then, Julien Fournié has created new models ranging from evening clutches to luxury tote bags and handbags, becoming one of the most exclusive luxury handbag brands.

These high-end bags are made with the greatest respect for traditional craftsmanship.

For the time being, these new luxury bags are available exclusively from the Maison’s online boutique. Customers around the world can now have access to these unique and exceptional pieces, which combine the timeless elegance of Haute Couture with the practical functionality of a quality bag.

Each bag is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans, using traditional techniques to guarantee the highest quality. The materials used are carefully selected, from the finest leathers to luxurious fabrics, to create pieces that are both durable and aesthetically beautiful.

Julien Fournié’s bag collection includes a variety of styles and sizes to suit every customer’s needs and preferences. From elegant evening clutches to spacious tote bags, each bag is designed with meticulous attention to detail and finish.

With these luxury bags, Julien Fournié offers Haute Couture enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own an exclusive piece from his creative universe. These bags are more than just a fashion accessory, they are a statement of style and sophistication.

As one of the most exclusive luxury handbag brands, Maison Julien Fournié continues to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship, offering its customers a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether for a special occasion or to add a touch of luxury to your everyday life, Julien Fournié bags are the perfect choice for those seeking excellence and elegance.

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