Metavers : Julien Fournié signs the first Haute Couture silhouettes with the PUBG MOBILE online video game


Paris, December 6th, 2021

From today, on five continents, players of the Battle Royal game “PUBG MOBILE” will be able to acquire virtual clothing and accessories designed by Julien Fournié on IPad Pro for their avatar in the PUBG MOBILE online game.

Projecting Haute Couture in the Metavers

“I wanted to meet the PUBG MOBILE teams to offer them to integrate my designs into their game. I do not see this as a simple collaboration. My ambition is to project Haute Couture into the emerging world of the metavers, ” declares Julien Fournié, the Parisian couturier, founder of the House which bears his name and which is one of the very few to bear the official Haute Couture label.

Womenswear and menswear pieces  as well as fashion accessories are proposed to PUBG MOBILE’s gamers in personal combinations to celebrate the holiday season in the style of Julien Fournié. Inspired by characters from the “The Nutcracker” ballet, Julien Fournié delivers a hyper colored ensemble with magic aspects highlighted by childhood dreams and intended for grown-ups who have cultivated candor, imagination and playfulness.

“Video games, and more generally the virtual worlds -just like the opportunities offered by NFTs, represent a new space of expression which fashion brands are investing so far to make product placement as part of their marketing strategy,” remarks Julien Fournié.

Julien Fournié

“On the opposite, I consider these openings as a field of expression to stimulate imagination and creativity. It represents a unique opportunity to convey the excellence in our discipline and to test our creativity with new tools and new worlds. “

Julien Fournié

Julien Fournié is a Haute Couture designer of the 21st century, and a pioneer of New Technologies in the fields of fashion and design. Since the beginnings of his eponymous House, thanks to an unprecedented partnership with DASSAULT SYSTÈMES, he has been exploring 3D design for 10 years. On his way, with the support of APPLE, he has been focusing on all digital drawing tools for several years now. Today, PUBG MOBILE allows Julien Fournié to shine in the world of online video games with the active participation of its teams.

Bridge between Metavers and real world

“The metavers makes it possible for gamers to test experiences which, sooner or later, will also find an expression in the real world,” concludes Julien Fournié. “I am creating realistic, translatable, tangible bridges going from the real world to the virtual world… and soon also, I hope, from the virtual world to the real world. My ambition is to enrich the journey experienced by any person who is sensitive to style in these two parallel worlds which will soon fuse into the same one. “

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