Fuchsia Datura

haute couture secrets
HAUTE COUTURE outfit’s secrets
How was it imagined and designed? What materials are used to make it? How long dit it takes to make? How was the top model chosen to wear it during the fashion show? Haute Couture outfit’s secrets.

Chapter 3

Haute Couture outfit’s secrets : the look 13 from First Creatures

How to make a dress that achieves the alchemy between the freshness of fuchsia and the danger of Datura?

Point of documentation: fuchsia is above all a flower that blooms in the morning, with gradations of purple and carmine.

Datura is more complicated

A Datura flower

This dress will be fragile and dangerous at the same time, lacerated and venomous, transparent and opaque, like the petals of Datura, morphologically cut with the delicacy of fuchsia.

secrets d'un modele haute couture
Julien Fournié’s illustration of the look 13 of the First Creatures collection

This surgical gown is in silk satin ombré and gradient fuchsia and black from Sfate & Combier, cut on a transparent black Georgette, and with an anatomical openwork, sharp mystery, in black illusion tulle.

The workshops worked for two months during which their obsession was to keep the fluidity of the fragile silk satin and preserve the transparencies of the tulle. A real meticulous work of lingerie.

Casting points with Jean-Paul Cauvin. To Jean-Paul Cauvin: good Jean-Paul, we absolutely need a very fresh young girl in this dress, with very white skin, and experienced in her fashion evolution who will be able to embody all the superb violence of her youth on the catwalk. Answer: To Julien: I found it, it’s easy, it will be Charlotte from The Face Paris Agency. She is graceful and elegant, like a flower, and very conscious of her sex appeal. It’s going to be a great transition.

Nicolas? I found you the new Twiggy, she has round eyes, like Tim Burton’s heroines. Answer: we’re going to play with that, a 70s look, like candy.

Neville’s team gave me exactly the effect of a sublime haircut when I woke up, a little rumpled, very natural, like after a restless night.

haute couture
A detail from the “Datura Fuchsia”, First Creatures Julien Fournié Fall Winter 22-23 collection.

I didn’t see it pass during the fashion show, but it’s with my peripheral eye that I perceive it, after it passed, radiant and prickly, it was incandescent. Thank you Jean-Paul!


Photos : Delphine Royer

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