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haute couture secrets
Haute Couture dress’ secrets
Chapter 6

Haute Couture outfit’s secrets : the wedding dress from First Creatures

We hear a lot of things about wedding dresses since the dawn of time. Everyone has a point of view: for the Haute Couture saleswomen, “It has to be a customer”; for the ateliers, “It has to reflect the savoir-faire of Haute Couture”; for the design studio, “It has to be innovative”; for the friends, “It has to be bright” and for the press, it has to be “wow effect”.

In fact, it’s all very subjective. All I know is that a Haute Couture wedding dress is only made with a client, according to her desire, her emotions. It is a design that can trigger a desire, an embroidery that can make her capsize, a silk sheet that can transport her, or a detail of the neckline that can touch her.

A meeting between the designer and a woman

A wedding dress is a magical moment, a meeting between the designer and a woman.

haute couture dress 2022
Illustration réalisée par Julien Fournié sur iPadPro

This season, the wedding dress will take the codes of the collection and will be propelled into another universe. It will be the connection between my obsession with the ocean floor, with its creatures that create their own light, and the stars that shine in the immensity of the universe.

royal jelly organza

So we’ll start with a very specific subject. “Hello? Emmanuelle, do you think you could make me this incredible material called “royal jelly organza” in optical white? She answers me with enthusiasm, “It smells like a wedding dress…”. It was folded. Eighty meters of this silk organza in relief with a polyamide microfilm that gives it a bewitching reflection.

The workshops, on a base of bustier suspended by tulle illusion, will realize the volume and the cuts of the manta ray. The petticoat with multiple cups will give the effect of a medusa train.
The idea is that the wedding dress is light and airy, as if it were levitating.

robe de mariée 2022
Over 800 faceted crystal beads on metal rods planted in a medusa bun.

Angeliki Tsionou, with her fragility and her diaphanous skin will be the perfect muse to bring the highlight of this collection.

For the hairstyle, the workshops have mounted more than 800 faceted crystal beads on metal rods planted in a chignon medusa made by Jack and the team of the Neville salon.

Nacre Halos

Nicolas will only have to underline, for the makeup, the translucent complexion of Angeliki thanks to mother-of-pearl halos reflecting the light.

For the music, at the moment of the passage of the wedding dress during the fashion show, Jean-Paul proposes a mysterious and bewitching echo taken from the soundtrack of the film Le Parfum.

wedding dress
The wedding dress from the First Creatures collection

Like Ephemera from the depths of the ocean, Angeliki flies onto the catwalk.

Photos : Delphine Royer

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How was it imagined and designed? What materials are used to make it? How long did it take to make? How was the top model chosen to wear it during the fashion show? The Haute Couture outfit’s secrets.

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