Mermaid Dream from First Love Haute Couture collection

Mermaid Dream : Harness in blown glass and crystal, Tiara in glass and ostrich feather, wrap skirt in mermaid colored silk chiffon.

To recapture the playful spirit of Haute Couture, Julien Fournié chose a deliberately positive theme and celebrated love. Julien Fournié celebrates this reunion with fun in a resolutely digital aesthetic, mixing nostalgia for the video games of his adolescence and integrating real models with virtual settings.

To the energy of disco music revisited by Sacha Sieff, the mastery of Haute Couture blossoms in the collection thanks to prestigious collaborations with Lyon-based weaver Sfate & Combier.

A Mermaid, goddess from the ocean

For the embellishments, a mermaid silhouette, goddess of the ocean, is adorned with an impressive harness made of blown glass pieces created in collaboration with Adrian Colin, an art glassmaker based in Dinan. Her tiara blends the finesse of this material with the work of Julien Vermeulen, creator of featherwork faithful to the Julien Fournié collections.

Credits: silks Sfate and Combier art glassmaker Adrian Collin ; plumasserie Maison Julien Vermeulen ; model Diva Sicard ; photo Delphine Royer ; video Julien Fournié.

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