Paris Fashion Week : Young French designer Fournié joins prestigious Haute Couture club

haute couture club

French fashion designer Julien Fournié recently received France’s coveted Haute Couture protected label for his unique creations. FRANCE 24 met him as he prepared his first runway show as a new member of one of fashion’s most prestigious clubs : the Haute Couture Club.

“I exaggerate an ultra-feminine look, focusing on the woman’s body shape, the hips and body length. Obsessing on heights, on stance,” the 41-year old said as he put the final touches to his “First Kinetics” runway show for the Parisian Haute Couture fashion week

“A woman’s greatness is in her stance.”

Julien Fournié Haute Couture – Dresses, Luxury Bags and Accessories


Founded in 2009 in Paris by fashion designer Julien Fournié, the Julien Fournié House is one of only sixteen houses in the world to have obtained the Haute Couture label.

Maison Julien Fournié is more than a fashion brand, it’s a luxury experience that transcends trends and seasons. With its commitment to excellence and innovation, Julien Fournié continues to redefine the world of Haute Couture and luxury.

Julien Fournié Haute Couture House creates custom-made haute couture clothing for its clients. It offers a range of luxury bags and accessories.