Made in France: Julien Fournié Haute Couture

haute couture

Paris Haute Couture Week. Late afternoon in January. The last part of a dynamic Parisian day, and the streets are slowly going to fall asleep.

“Any lady who wants Haute Couture to create her own destiny, and find her legend; I am ready to help them highlight their personality.”

Julien Fournié

I arrived at 47, rue de Paradis not being aware I was just about to enter a paradise: busy atelier of real French couturier where precious high end luxury garments are being made by hands of one of the best craftsmen in Paris today. It felt like I suddenly entered Disney’s movie where everyone is happy and working hard to make Cinderella’s dress magical! My head started spinning. I could not believe I actually found it: this is where it happens! Julien approaches me enthusiastically and apologizes for the atmosphere. No need to apologize! When it comes to fashion, this is exactly what I love to see: the process of making it; designer’s sketches, fabrics flying around, precise cutting, delicate stitching by hand, fine finishings, beautiful details you can only see this close… This is what makes it luxurious and unique. This is what makes a garment precious.