Julien Fournié : on incorporating Haute Couture into Video Game Metaverse

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According to Julien Fournié every collection should be about discovering one’s own legend and personal star.

It was during his collection preview in Paris when French Haute Couturier and a royalty-favourite said:

“I have resorted to the gaming industry because it allows us as individuals to create a secret identity, an opportunity to be whoever we want to be, no matter who we are, and where we come from.”

Julien Fournié

Like many international designers, Julien Fournié has become dependent on digital platforms to showcase his latest creations yet sought an upgraded web experience, a place where no couturier has gone before. A revolt and an extroverted artist, he merges haute couture with video games via his partnership with the leading Chinese technology conglomerate Tencent and its popular PUBG Mobile game.

Julien Fournie’s pieces are accessible to players through the avatars into Video Game Metaverse

Shortly after the Spring/summer 2022 collection release, his pieces were accessible to players through the avatars into Video Game Metaverse.

An interview by Victor Gee

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