Julien Fournié’s Haute Couture 2.0

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French couturier Julien Fournié canceled his show for fear of creating a “haute couture cluster” in Paris in the midst of a pandemic, but no regrets: outfits filmed for his collection will be on a video game platform that reaches a billion people…

…The film will be released on January 25 as part of haute couture week and was to accompany the show scheduled for the same date…

…“The parades are the apotheosis of a collection, but if unfortunately we can’t parade, we will have this sublime film which was the first choice and which will be broadcast worldwide on Tencent platforms”, explained to the AFP Julien Fournié in his dressing room putting on makeup, before the decision to cancel the parade was taken…

Then “nothing will prevent us from traveling, from making micro-presentations all over the world with our clients. I will soon be going to Saudi Arabia, Qatar…”, he continues.

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