Julien Fournié’s AW 22/23 Haute Couture Collection Evokes Emotion From The Past Two Years

Julien Fournié’s AW 22/23 Haute Couture Collection Evokes Emotion From The Past Two Years
AW 22/23 Haute Couture

For those on the outside of fashion, it may seem like the only thing’s designers do is make clothes, and they and the people around them live glamorous lives. And while it’s true that designers make clothes, and they are a part of some really cool moments in time, their work is hard and deep. Fashion is influenced by the world around us. What happens politically, socially, and societally affects styles. French Haute Couture designer Julien Fournié’s AW22/23 collection was just this. It’s a reaction to all the things that have happened the past couple of years from the pandemic and from social issues.

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PARIS, FRANCE- French Haute Couture designer Julien Fournié’s AW22-23 collection is a reaction to all the things that have happened the past couple of years from the pandemic and social issues. YANNIS VLAMOS FOR JULIEN FOURNIE COUTURE

For Fournié to be able to express all the emotions he has been feeling in all this time was both easy and a feat, all the while showing a positive way for the future. The frills of fashion were not the forefront but were there, as he calls it “the foolishness of fashion trends”- refinement, cut, and beauty” were tools to send a message. That message is one of being able to transform the negative into positive change…

…For this AW 22/23 collection : The looks on the face of the audience was one of captivation and awe…

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